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Radio shows often use some sort of hook to keep listeners tuned in to their very last second. Shows like This American Life, with its fake Torey Malatia quote, and the now-canceled Rewind, with its candid moment from the Public Radio Cafe segment, have a different attraction each week at the end of the show.

Some talk show hosts end their shows with a memorable line to succintly state their philosophy or just to give listeners a reason to stay until that final word. Some of my favorites grace this page.

"Do what you can, but behave yourself."
-Jim Eason (KGO, KSFO)

"Be kind to your neighbor; he knows where you live."
-Brian Copeland (KGO)

"Be good to yourself, and the world will be good to you."
-Mike Siegel (KING-AM, KVI, KRKO, KIRO, syndication, etc.)

"Remember, it's easier to ask forgiveness than it is permission."
-Bernie Ward (KGO)

"The world is alive with the grandeur of God."
-Bernie Ward (KGO, for Godtalk on Sunday morning)

"Stay naked."
-"Naked Jane" Schuchinski (KZSU)

"...KCRW Santa Monica, recognized around the world as the home... of the homeless."
-Harry Shearer (LeShow)

"Hoping all the chemistry in your life comes out just right."
-Dr. Joe Schwarcz (CJAD/CFRB)

"Be well."
-Dr. Dean Edell (KGO, syndicated medical show)

"Good night and good morning."
-David Brudnoy (WBZ-AM, whose show ended at midnight)

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