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The following is a suggestion for the programming schedule of an idealized talk radio station. Host times have been generally been limited to two hours to allow the maximum number of viewpoints to appear on the schedule. There may be a slight overall liberal bias in the spectrum, but I believe that's because the few liberals who have been successful in talk radio have had to be especially entertaining in order to get past program directors' biases against liberals. The biggest bias may actually be in favor of libertarians. And, if this schedule can't be realized, a feed of KGO would be good enough...

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"c-" denotes cancelled show, "d-" denotes deceased host

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Midnight Bill Gallant (d-KIRO) Nightbeat with Art Finley (c-KCBS)
02:00 Ray Taliaferro (KGO) Chris Clarke (c-KGO)
04:00 Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell (Premiere) Rollye James (XM Satellite)
06:00 The Jon Matthews Program (c-KPRC) This Week with Jim French (c-KIRO) God Talk with Brent Walters (KGO)
07:00 Ray Flynn (c-WRKO)
08:00 The Dave Ross Show (KIRO)
09:00 Leo Laporte or Bob O'Donnell On Computers (KSFO) Brian Copeland (KGO)
10:00 The Rush Limbaugh Program (EIB/Premiere) Lynn Samuels (Sirius)
12:00 The Ron Reagan Show (c-KIRO) Hightower Radio with Jim Hightower (c-ABC)
13:00 The Dr. Dean Edell Show (KGO/Premiere)
14:00 The Gene Burns Program (KGO) The Mike Webb Show (d-KIRO)
16:00 Christine Craft (KGO) Glenn Beck Program (Premiere)
18:00 Dick Staub (c-KING-AM) Marc Germain (TalkRadioOne) Gene Rusco (c-KGO)
20:00 The Radio Show with Tom Snyder (d-ABC) The Matt Drudge Show (Premiere) The Flip Side with George Weber (d-KOA)
22:00 The David Brudnoy Program (d-WBZ) The Open Lines of the West Coast with Bill Wattenburg (KGO)

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