Photographic Evidence

A new play by Mixed Company Theatre starring Nicole Wilson

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Photographic Evidence is a short one-woman play about Geraldine Moodie, one of Canada's first professional women photographers best known for her images chronicling the lives of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada’s North West and Arctic regions. After a short stay in England, Geraldine returns home to Canada when her British husband receives a position with the North West Mounted Police. On this day-in-her-life, we see Geraldine coming to a decision on the state of her suffocating marriage and voicing the frustrations of being a female artist in the 19th century. The show will also incorporate a selection of her photographs and vividly depict a young Canada on the frontier of change.

Although the play is a fictional reconstruction, it is based on true events and extensive historical research.

Ungunga by Geraldine Moodie
(C) Trustees of the British Museum

About Geraldine Moodie

Canadian photographer Geraldine Moodie was born in Toronto, 1854. She comes from a long line of writers and artists including her grandmother famous pioneer writer, Susanna Moodie, her great aunt writer, Catherine Parr Traill, and her artist mother, Agnes. Geraldine met and married Robert Douglas Moodie while on an extended visit with relatives in England. He joined the North West Mounted Police after receiving a commission as Inspector in 1885 and took his family to Calgary – the first of many postings.

Known for her photography of the Indigenous Peoples from Canada's North West and Arctic regions, Geraldine's work has now become more influential and successful than many of her male contemporaries. She also had a fascination with documenting the wildflowers of the Canadian wilderness inspired by a childhood spent exploring the banks of the Humber River. The contrasting nature of her images reflect a deeply compassionate personality torn between conflicting desires.

About Playwright Rex Deverell

Over a long and productive career in Canadian Theatre, Rex Deverell has pursued a fascination with issues of social justice and conviction. He holds arts and theology degrees from McMaster University and from Union Theological Seminary, New York City. In 1971, Rex began to write plays at first for Regina’s Globe Theatre school company and ultimately became the Globe's first long term Playwright- in-Residence. Deverell's first work for the Globe main stage was Boiler Room Suite, the story of two sad transients dreaming an afternoon away in the boiler room of an old hotel. Since then, Boiler Room Suite has received international productions, including translations in French and Japanese. The Banff Centre toured an operatic version of the play in the U.K. (music by Quentin Doolittle.)

He has also written libretti and lyrics with composers Quentin Doolittle, (Boiler Room Suite, Leviathan Hook), Andrew Ager, (Ellis Portal), Tom Schudel, (Oresteia), Rob Bryanton (Globe Theatre Revues and Plays with Music).

About Director Simon Malbogat

Simon Malbogat is an award-winning theatre director, performer, and teacher with over 25 years of experience in Forum Theatre facilitation. Simon studied with the greatest contemporary popular theatre practitioners (Augusto Boal, Jerzy Grotowski, Eugenio Barba, Yoshi Oida) and has directed and acted in over 50 new Canadian works. Throughout his career, Simon has been focused on bringing theatre to youth, resulting in over 40 Forum Theatre plays for young people and has worked with many community organizations such as the Community Initiative Project, Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club, the East End Community Health Centre, the Sears Drama Festival for Youth, the Social Planning Council of Peel and the Toronto West End Community.

About Mixed Company Theatre

Mixed Company Theatre has been producing innovative, socially-relevant theatre as a tool for positive change since 1983. Today Mixed Company Theatre is known for their commitment to inspiring communities and schools across Canada to create social change through theatrical practice. Our most recent activations include the InterGEN Project, a three-year initiative to connect seniors and youth from culturally diverse communities across the GTA through a series of creative workshops led by professional artists.

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