Canadian Junction

A new play by Neil Ross

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Neil Ross as A.B. Rice

Early merchant Julia Brown, journalist A.B. Rice, and Anne Leung, a young Chinese woman studying in West Toronto who broke the colour barrier at a downtown theatre, help tell the story of a village/town/city/neighbourhood at the heart of Canada's rail line.

Also appearing: William Lyon Mackenzie, D.W. Clendenan, Dr. Minerva Reid, Mary Cherry, and George Heintzman, the first musician to tour Canada on the first transcontinental Canadian train.

About the artists

Neil Ross has played A.B. Rice as talk show host, walk leader and foreman of the jury. He is the co-author of "One Hundred Years at the Junction Shul" and the graphic novel series "Justice in the Junction: The Life and Times of Josiah Royce."

Longtime Junction resident Eileen Jensen has played Mrs. Julia Brown in "Boom Times Cabaret Historical Talk Show" and in "Wild, Wild, Junction."

Amanda Zhou is a Toronto based actor working in both film and theatre. Currently, she is working on her own short film. Recent work: Silk Bath (Next Stage) by Aaron Jan and The Adventure for Love (HBC) by Jefferey Chiang. Upcoming: The Adonis Project (Storefront) by Leighton Williams.

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